DEC 17 2012



Simpsons' Homer declares himself the new Messiah

London, May 20 (ANI): In yet another controversial episode of the famous satirical cartoon show 'The Simpsons', Homer declares himself the new Messiah.

According to The Daily Star, the chubby cartoon legend believes he is the new special one after a vision. On a trip to Israel he sees disciples of God in the form of a cucumber, a carrot and a tomato., reports the Daily Star.

And he preaches to Christians, Muslims and Jews urging them to come together and pray for peace and chicken.

Attention, Christian, Muslims and Jews.

I have come to gather you into a new faith. From now on you shall be called Chris-mu-jews. Cos when you get down to it aren't all religions the same? They tell you what to eat, when to pray.

Celebrate your commonality - some of us don't eat pork, some of us don't eat shellfish, but all of us love chicken, he says.

The episode, which features Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen, 38, also sees Homer falling asleep in the Holy Sepulchre and nearly getting arrested at the airport. (ANI)

As told by Indo-Asian News Service

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